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We build high quality software using modern technology

Velocity or quality? No! Both.

Some think that you can do more faster by cutting down on quality such as good coding practices, automated tests, release pipelines and telemetry. That is wrong. If quality is added to the solution from the beginning it enables rapid development and short time to market and a solution that lives longer.

We build two kinds of solutions. We build the tools we need to help our customers build better software, faster and with happier users. Tools that are needed in a modern developement team with a DevOps way of thinking.

The other type of solution we build is custom software solutions were we uses modern architecture, the latest proven technologies and could environments.

Why Solidify Labs?

Tons of experience

We have worked with more than 200 organizations that develop custom software during the last 10 years. We have picked up a few things from that.

Automated and smooth

We live as we learn. The solutions we deliver follow the best practices from the DevOps universe that we believe in.

Cost efficient and scalable

We make sure the solution is delivered to a modern high quality cloud based environment that gives you the opportunity to scale with cost control.

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